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Cormorant with Geenwich Naval Museum in the background - London
Adapted in oil paint from a photograph I took late in 2011 while walking eastwards from Greenwich on the south bank of the River Thames in London. This cormorant was one of several sentinels guarding the entrance to the pool of London
Added: Sunday 29th January 2012, 15:23:57

John Busby inspired bird sketches with brush and black ink
Another large page of quick bird sketches drawing with brushes dipped in black ink, and using a john busby bird illustration book for inspiration
Added: Friday 27th January 2012, 3:39:00

Robin pencil sketch in bushes
A quick pencil sketch of a robin perched in a thicket of bushes
Added: Thursday 26th January 2012, 2:58:03

Birds sketched in brush and acrylic ink on paper
These are practice bird sketches done on a large sheet of newsprint with a chinese brush and acrylic ink
Added: Wednesday 25th January 2012, 9:07:11

Boats and willows down by the river in Horningsea - crayon and pastels
A crayon and pastels sketch of river boats, on a late January afternoon down by the river at Horningsea near Cambridge UK
Added: Monday 23rd January 2012, 14:59:52

Pencil sketch of birds on the edge of a copse at Impington
Another sketch which tries to include birds, even if they are a small feature. This small pencil sketch was done on location at the edge of a wooded copse at Impington lake, Cambridge, UK.
Added: Friday 20th January 2012, 6:16:58

Pencil sketch of birds at Impington Lake Cambridge UK
This is a quick practice sketch in pencil of birds and water reflections on Impington lame near Cambridge UK
Added: Tuesday 17th January 2012, 13:14:52

Watercolour pencil sketch of a Woodpigeon
A sketch on location of a woodpigeon high in a tree, drawn with pencil and watercolour pencils.
Added: Monday 9th January 2012, 11:36:43

Heron sketch in pencil
This heron slowly waded through the shallows catching fish, and its slow movements made it easy to draw in pencil on paper
Added: Wednesday 4th January 2012, 16:33:19

Smoke on the water - at Titchwell bird reserve painted in water mixable oil paint
The last of my series of blogs from Titchwell RSPB bird reserve in Norfolk UK. In this one I show a small painting on board using water mixable oil paints. I call it "Smoke on the water". Why not?
Added: Friday 9th December 2011, 5:33:59

Sketches of winter birds at Titchwell Bird Reserve - Teal Shoveler and Pintail
More sketches of birds at Titchwell Bird Reserve, Norfolk coast, UK. All done from a hide on location using watercolour pencils.
Added: Thursday 8th December 2011, 4:13:37

Curlews and Sunken boats on the Norfolk coast - sketches at Titchwell bird reserve
Yesterday I was in Titchwell RSPB bird Reserve on the North Norfolk coast watching birds and sketching them with well known birding author David Chandler. Curlews and sunken boats were among the highlights I got to sketch
Added: Tuesday 6th December 2011, 10:52:14

Clematis and rose flowers in the garden - painted in oil
A painting of flowers - clematis and roses - in the garden. This oil was started in May but not finished until late November. Somehow it got lost in the studio. But the roses were still in flower
Added: Saturday 19th November 2011, 3:30:53

Sketching session at Welney bird and wildlife Reserve in Cambridgeshire
Most of this day at Welney bird Reserve was spend in lectures, but I had time to get a few very short sketches done at the lunch break.
Added: Thursday 3rd November 2011, 10:32:12

Pen sketch of small gull on the River Great Ouse at St Ives
I'm taking a break from my Normandy sketch and paintings to see if anyone can help me to identify this small gull that I sketched today at St. Ives near Cambridge
Added: Tuesday 4th October 2011, 18:58:36

Painting negative spaces on the way back from the RSPB Birdfair
I was struck by John Threlfall's use of negative spaces as an important element in his bird paintings, and on the way home I decided to paint something where I would give the negative space priority. I discuss negative spaces with John in the video on the "A Conversation with..." tab
Added: Monday 22nd August 2011, 17:35:44

Dusk at Quy Water near Cambridge - a study in oil
This is a small oil study painted on 10" x 12" board, at dusk at Quy Water near Cambridge. A couple of kayakers were paddling into the distance as I started so I put them in as I finished.
Added: Wednesday 6th July 2011, 10:24:45

Oil sketch on the Great Abington Land Settlement of old glasshouses
This oil sketch of broken and abandoned glasshouses, with spring flowers, is trying to convey the loss of a glorious social experiment in the UK in the 1930's
Added: Monday 23rd May 2011, 17:43:56

Birdbath painted with oil pastels
Painted on acrylic paper, 16"x16", this outdoor painting of a garden birdbath shows off what oil pastels are particularly good for - lines and small areas of brilliant color
Added: Monday 16th May 2011, 15:24:26

Pen sketch at a Cambridge pond waiting for wagtails
I walked past this small pond near my home and heard a couple of pied wagtails chattering and flitting about, so I stopped to sketch them in my Moleskine pad with a roller ball pen,
Added: Friday 22nd April 2011, 2:57:59


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