Friday, February 23, 2018

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Paintbox 3 - Essential equipment for oil painting

Details: If you are starting out with oil painting there seems to be a bewildering array of equipment and materials to choose from. In this 33 minute video, Noel Garner from Cambridge Art Academy takes you through a simple, no-fuss, guide to what you really need

Selecting materials for painting in oil is a bit of a jungle! 

You can get easily lost -  and easily end up buying equipment that you don't use. This video will guide you to a realistic and sensible choice of suitable materials so you can quickly get on with what you really want to do -  paint!  You don't actually need that much kit to start off. Even now, after 
many years painting in oil, Noel doesn't have much fancy painting gear (well, he doesn't  think so!)

Noel's chatty, direct style, with detailed close-up video clips will set you on the right path.
Here's are some of  the topics covered in this video:

  • What to paint on - canvas, board or paper?
  • What size should I paint?
  • What type of canvas would be best?
  • What is the absolute minimum number of paints I need to paint in oil?
  • What is a realistic useful number of paints to use, and which ones?
  • Brushes - what type and texture do I need?
  • How many brushes is the minimum I need?
  • Are there any kinds of brushes I should avoid at this stage?
  • How I am I going to paint - standind up or sitting down?
  • What sort of easel is the best if I'm painting indoors or outdoors?
The introductory price for this totally original video is £4.95 plus VAT about ($7.68 approx.), and after purchase you will get immediate access to the video on your computer.

Here is a 3 minute extract from the video: