Friday, February 23, 2018

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Paintbox 2 - How to paint mountains and skies in watercolour

Details: In this watercolour demonstration, begun on location in The Forest of Bowland and completed in the studio, Noel Garner shows you how to tackle painting hills, mountains and clouds. You will see on video exactly what watercolour techniques you can use to achieve mountains disappearing into clouds, and hills receeding into the distance. With Noel's method it doesn't take long either - as you will see. The video goes on to demonstrate various techniques and show how they have been used by Noel when painting in The Lake District (UK), Scotland and Transylvania (Romania).

In this video Noel takes you on a whistlestop tour of hills and mountains he has visited  in Scotland, Romania, The Forest of Bowland and the English Lake District to illustrate for you the most important features of painting mountains, hills, skies and clouds in watercolour.
  • If you are aiming to paint skies and mountains, watercolour is the ideal medium - it's so fluid. Misty mountains and soft edged clouds can be done really quite easily with the right approach and equipped with the right techniques.
  • First stop on this video, Noel shows just how easy it is, with a live demonstration on location of painting low clouds drifting over hilltops in The Forest of Bowland

So much is packed into this 30 minute video:
  • Six different ways of painting clouds and skies in watercolour.
  • Ten of Noel's watercolours are used to illustrate the main points, ranging from a winter's sky in the Alps to a rich evening sunset in England.
But first, to whet your appetite, here is a three minute sample from the middle section of the video: