Friday, February 23, 2018

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Paintbox 2 - How to paint townscapes and buildings in watercolour

Details: This video will give you the tools and the confidence to venture out with your watercolour kit to paint townscapes, buildings and village scenes.

So much is packed into this 30 minute video. Noel takes the mystery out of painting towns and buildings in watercolour.

You will see him painting a small watercolour in one of the main squares of historic Madrid. He then breaks off mid-painting to address some of the challenges that you are most likely to face when painting this kind of subject:

  • How to drawing buildings in perspective.
  • How much small detail to include - particularly in buildings.
  • How to include people in the scene without having to be an expert at painting figures.
  • Painting shadows and highlights to bring out depth and contrast in a streetscene.

There's something irresistable about beautiful villages, details in historic buildings, and dramatic townscapes. Cameras are clicking in all directions!

But not many people are sketching or painting. Why not be one of the few who come away with something totally original - a sketch or watercolour of your own. This video will show you just how simple and enjoyable it can be to paint on location or using reference sketches and photographs. 

Using the techniques and ideas that Noel demonstrates here, you will have confidence to paint other subjects that include buildings and views in the town.
But first, here's a three minute sample from the video:

Breaking news on this Watercolour Paintbox 2 product.

When you purchase this product, included as a free bonus item is an additional ten minute video demonstrating a watercolour painting of central London from Waterloo Bridge. Here is the finished painting:

watercolour of Blackfriars Bridge central london