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This Forum: Oil pastels
Hi Noel I really enjoyed your oil pastel review video, thanks, I too use Neopastels and Sennelier, I do a lot of blending using a colour shaper or my fingers, it does get messy but I find baby wipes are great for cleaning my hands, I also use scraps of mount board painted on both sides with clear colourfix primer to prevent warping i sometimes tint the primer with paint, I also find that oil pastels work lovely on top of a gouache under painting. Have you tried the Holbein oil pastels? people in America say they are great, haven't been able to find a supplier of them in the UK.
Started: 13th February 2013

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Lesley Jennings  Joined: 07/01/2013 | Member Level: 1 | Posts: 5
#9 Posted: 13th February 2013 - 06:50:10 
Hi, Sorry forgot to put my name on above post Lesley Jennings
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#10 Posted: 29th August 2013 - 17:52:39 
Glad to hear that you love oil pastels. I like opening the tin and taking a long sniff - a lovely smell!! I have tried Holbein once and I wasn't particularly impressed and they weren't as soft as Sennelier. I tend to use Sennelier most of the time unless I am outdoors and it's hot - in which case Sennelier oil pastels go very soft and almost melt.

I often use colorfix primer with soft pastels but not with oil pastels. Good idea;l will try it.

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