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Blog comments

This is where you can make any comments about my Blog. Your views are always welcome and I'd like to hear your own ideas about painting too. I'm sure other people would value your contributions too
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Pochade Box - Started: 20th February 2015
How much do Arthur Begg's boxes cost?
Bob0 Replies

Oil pastels - Started: 13th February 2013
Hi Noel I really enjoyed your oil pastel review video, thanks, I too use Neopastels and Sennelier, I do a lot of blending using a colour shaper or my fingers, it does get messy but I find baby wipes are great for cleaning my hands, I also use scraps of mount board painted on both sides with clear colourfix primer to prevent warping i sometimes tint the primer with paint, I also find that oil pastels work lovely on top of a gouache under painting. Have you tried the Holbein oil pastels? people in America say they are great, haven't been able to find a supplier of them in the UK.
2 Replies
29th August 2013, 17:52:39
keeping tubes of gouache from drying out - Started: 5th February 2013
Don't use gouache much so the tube paints dry out before I've used much at all. Anyone had experience with this and have ideas on how to remedy?
elizabeth ellison3 Replies
13th February 2013, 05:45:52
Lesley Jennings
Feedback on this website - Started: 4th January 2012
In 2012, Noel wants this site to become the best it can possibly be. Comments and suggestions are invited from all members. Please don't hold back!
Admin0 Replies

Is it a problem that acrylics dry so fast? - Started: 14th November 2011
What are your ideas on making acrylics easier to use, and slower to dry? Check out the Reviews tab to see the video about Golden "open" acrylics. Anybody used them?
Admin0 Replies

Your advice about painting commissions - Started: 9th November 2011
Following the article about painting commissions, why not share your experiences of painting commissions with other members of Cambridge Art Academy? The article shares some principles, but your comments and advice would help a lot. Don't hold back! Successes and failures - it's all useful information to pass on to others who would like to do painting commissions
Admin1 Reply
9th November 2011, 06:23:41
Noel Garner - Founder of CAA
Is it worth paying extra for - Started: 19th August 2011
I bought a tube of Vasari oil paint. Very expensive. Was it worth the extra. Personally, no, I don't think so. Do you think it's worth paying extra for top oil and watercolor brands? Do you have any recommendations, or colors that you find particularly useful?
Admin2 Replies
13th February 2013, 05:53:17
Lesley Jennings

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