Friday, February 23, 2018

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Getting out there - online video | Painting on location in oil with late afternoon sun - Clecy rail bridge in France | Back


Painting on location in oil with late afternoon sun - Clecy rail bridge in France

Late afternoon and the sun was behind me, brilliantly lighting up the rail bridge at Clecy. I painted in oil using the pochade box. This is on online video of the process and the finished result

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clecy rail bridge

Whilst on holiday in France I started this small oil painting on location using my pochade box, and finished it two weeks later  back home in the studio. This online video tells the story and talks about subjects like:
  1. Painting in a long format
  2. Painting with the sun behind you
  3. Blocking in colour area instead of drawing an outline first
  4. Getting curves right
  5. Scrubbing out areas that aren't working first time 
  6. Reflections in water when the water itself had a colour cast
Check out the first part of the video below:

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