Friday, February 23, 2018

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Oil pastels sketch of roses at Anglesey Abbey

I grabbed a shoulder bag in which I keep a set of oil pastels with a pad of acrylic painting paper and did this sketch of roses in the flower garden at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge. Oil pastels are really well suited to bold, simple, artistic statements in bright colours

Take a look at this video of me using oil pastels to paint roses in the gardens at Anglesey Abbey near Cambridge. I hope it will inspire you to buy some oil pastels and try them out. (While on the subject, have a look at my video review of oil pastels here )

Oil pastels are often overlooked as a "proper" painting medium. I  think that is because they are too closely associated in people's minds with children's colouring crayons. Not fair really because high quality oil pastels have artist's quality pigment in them, they are smooth to use and are very transportable in a box for taking on holiday or painting outdoors. All you need in addition to the oil pastels is an acrylic painting pad. (You can get pads just for oil pastels, but they are expensive and not worth the money in my view).