Friday, February 23, 2018

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Oil painting wild flowers in a meadow

On a very windy day I got out into a large meadow near Godmanchester, well known for its wild flowers. The full video is available for all members, and a shorter version available for those of you who are yet to join. Half was painted in oil on board on location; the rest completed in the studio

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When it gets windy in East Anglia (i.e. the Eastern part of England) it really does blow. The landscape is so flat - there's nowhere to hide! This offers quite a challenge for the outdoor painter, and there's nothing much that stops me from painting outdoors!

Here's a video of me painting in a very large and windy meadow not far from the town of Godmanchester. The field was full of wild flowers and I've had it in mind to come here to paint for a year or two. If you'd like to see the complete video including the detailed finishing stages in the studio, please consider joining Cambridge Art Academy (which is free by the way), and if you are already a member make sure you are logged in, otherwise you will only see this short video. 

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