Friday, February 23, 2018

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Corry Kooy talks about her approach to pastel painting

I recently had the privilege of spending a day with Corry Kooy, a Dutch painter who has a special gift for painting with pastels. This video summarises her approach and fundamental principles to this sometimes elusive medium.

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corry kooy

I was determined to find a way to learn something about pastel painting from Corry Kooy, a Dutch painter whose work I greatly admire. So I jumped at the chance to travel all the way from Cambridge UK to Schoonhoven, Holland to attend a day workshop of hers. It was a wonderful day and I have already changed some of ways I do pastels - I have halved the number of pastels I use, and I no longer do any drawing first.
corry pastel of a cock

Surely pastels, above all other mediums is best suited to capturing colour and movement quickly. Just think of the Degas pastels done of ballet dancers and trapeze artists  for example. She would shun th comparison I know, but just look at this pastel of a cock by Corry. Yes, all the essential elements are there, but it looks alive with movement. Fantastic!

But I'll let Corry speak for herself in the video:

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