Friday, February 23, 2018

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Try painting a scene from memory - this one is in pastel

As you are driving, or on the bus or train, you get a glimpse of a view that immediately grabs your attention. Later on, back home, what happens when you try and remember what you saw and paint it from memory? Here I'm using pastel to do just that.

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As I was driving home recently two quite different subject caught my attention. Since I was on the move, all I had to go on was maybe 5 seconds to remember what I saw. In this video demonstration, I try my utmost to remember and paint - in pastel - what I had seen earlier in the day.
The twist is that I had to drive the same route the next day.

So I take my camcorder and put myself on the line to show you the reality compared with my pastel memory sketches. You are allowed to laugh!
There IS a point to all this, however, which I talk about at the conclusion of the video:

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