Friday, February 23, 2018

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Sword brushes in action - Golden open acrylics

A quick drop in to my local artstore, and I met a couple of painters demonstrating "Golden" open (slow drying) acrylics and sword brushes

I called in at my local art materials store here in Cambridge, UK, recently and spotted a couple of artists in the background doing some demonstrations of golden open acrylics and using sword paint brushes - neither of which am I familiar with. 

Here is their sales pitch on camera! No, seriously, it was good to meet Coco and Edel. Apparently open acrylics don't dry for several hours, rather than in minutes. So that's moving a little bit in the direction of oils. Anyone else tried them? Please add your comments if you have tried them - or acrylics in general -  to the acrylics question forum here.

And a sword brush? Mmmm. I'm thinking about that one. Rather specialist in usefulness  - I think I would stick to "normal" brushes. I have too many as it is.