Friday, February 23, 2018

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What do you get for free as a member?

This summarises what you can expect to get when you sign up for free membership of Cambridge Art Academy

There are 5 levels of membership privileges, and the content contained in each is rapidly growing. There is no padding. Every bit of content will help you grow in your painting skills. Level 1 membership - which everyone gets access to when they join - includes 3 free videos:

1. An Introduction to using hard pastels with a demonstration on location
2. Seeing just how easy it is to paint in watercolours on location with the minimum of equipment
3. Watching how to correct various mistakes on a watercolor painting.

So sign up right now to improve your art - you can do so by clicking on "Free Membership"  at the top of the page - the third tab from the right. And it's totally free.