Friday, February 23, 2018

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Using streaming video on this site

You will find a lot of free streaming video available on the Cambridge Art Academy website. Here is some advice about viewing the video materials and the requirements for your computer

Videos are an essential part of the Cambridge Art Academy website. When you click on a video it should play straight away.

If it doesn't, maybe your computer doesn't have Adobe Flash Player installed. It's a free, safe, programme from Adobe and can be downloaded and installed from this link.

All the videos on the site have been carefully prepared for playing properly even if your internet connection is not very fast. However, be patient at the very start of a video - it just may take a little while to "buffer" before starting to play. If the video takes a long time to get started (like more than a minute)  and then stops and starts, maybe your internet connection is really slow, and you may need to contact your internet provider to upgrade your service.

We hope you enjoy watching the free videos on the site.