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Mixing oil colors to produce greys

Posted On: Saturday 28th May 2011
Summary: This is a sample of the many times I try mixing oil colors - old and new. In this case I am experimenting with two new colors - buff titanium and cobalt violet, and trying to see what makes interesting greys.

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oil colour mixingI'm often experimenting with mixing new oil colors and combinations. It's not that I have to try everything, but it's a part of ongoing learning. It doesn't take long to squeeze out some colours onto a piece of acrylic paper and start mixing. Here I was particularly interested in seeing how I could use two new colors to me in order to mix interesting greys. These two are buff titanium and cobalt violet. Going clockwise these are the oil colors on the paper shown on the left:

  1. Titanium white (Winsor and Newton)
  2. Cadmium Orange (Sennelier)
  3. Yellow Lake (Harding)
  4.  Turner Yellow (Sennelier)
  5. Buff Titanium (Rowney)
  6. Cobalt Violet (Rowney)
  7. Permanent Carmine (Winsor and Newton)
  8. Quinacridone Magenta (Winsor and Newton)
  9. King's Blue (Sennelier)
  10. Ultramarine Blue (Winsor and Newton)
  11. Phthalo Blue (Winsor and Newton)
  12. Phthalo Green (Winsor and Newton)
Tomorrow I will show you what I did with this little lot.



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