Friday, February 23, 2018

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Birdbath painted with oil pastels

Posted On: Monday 16th May 2011
Summary: Painted on acrylic paper, 16"x16", this outdoor painting of a garden birdbath shows off what oil pastels are particularly good for - lines and small areas of brilliant color

Blog Tags: Outdoor painting   Birds   Oil pastels   

birdbath bright colors with oil pastelsOil pastels are a wonderful painting medium, best suited to drawing lines and hatching small areas of saturated colour. So this slightly abstract treatment of a concrete garden birdbath suited this particular  painting medium. I mostly use Cray Pas (fairly hard) and Sennelier (soft) oil pastels. The hard sticks are good for lines and the soft ones best for colouring in areas quickly.

I deliberately distorted the perspective like you would get if you photographed, say, looking downward on a  wine glass close up with a wide-angle lens.


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