Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Pears - a small still life oil sketch

Posted On: Thursday 21st April 2011
Summary: Three pears on a table; a sketch in oils on board 5"x7" A simple, slightly abstract composition looking down on the fruit from above.

Blog Tags: Oil painting   Sketching   Still life   

Still life in oils of three pearsI don’t really use “out of the tube” colours, but in this instance I used a very old olive green as the basis for the colour of the pears here and modified it with touches of  Indian Red (which I like, but it’s very powerful) Ultramarine, white and Michael Harding Yellow Lake (a mid yellow but slightly transparent which I’m not so keen on but a touch of Titanium white opaques it up).

I enjoyed moving the fruit around until the composition in relation to the edges of the table was slightly abstract. This was a small oil sketch on board that didn't take long but was good fun. It was sold at previous exhibition of mine, and sometimes I wonder where my paintings end up hanging. Is this one in the bathroom, or maybe in the kitchen? I'll never know


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