Friday, February 23, 2018

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Copying paintings with Sketchbook Pro

Posted On: Sunday 2nd November 2014
Summary: This is a work done using Sketchbook pro to study a painting from the Norwich School of Artists

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sketchbook pro beach sceneYesterday I was in Norwich Castle to refresh my memories of the glories of the Norwich School of painters - people like Crome, Stannard and Cotman. Even on a Saturday, hardly anyone in there, so I pulled up a chair, got out my Surface Pro (with stylus) with Sketchbook Pro installed, and quickly copied two paintings. Here's one, by Stannard. I've only now looked at the photograph I took afterwards before leaving the gallery, and I'm quietly rather pleased that my proportions so closely follow those of the original. I did this mostly to absorb Stannard's composition which is wonderful. It's such a still scene. Just wait till tomorrow to see the one of Cotman's that I sketched. But in both cases the composition is wonderful and shows how well these guys had observed the sea and the coastline of Norfolk. If you are viewing this from outside the UK, and have not visited this area, you must go to the Norfolk coast.



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