Friday, February 23, 2018

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Unofficial pop-up gallery at Anglesea Abbey, Cambridge

Posted On: Saturday 1st February 2014
Summary: So I set up my own one-picture gallery at Anglesea Abbey. I won't tell if you don't.

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oil pastel of treesYesterday I was with friends at Anglesea Abbey to look at the gardens - which I have to say were absolutely spectacular in the winter. Here's the small oil pastel I painted in the gardens on ply board. Later on we had lunch in the restaurant. The next photo shows a view in the restaurant fron our table, but maybe you won't quite see my painting which i sneaked in next to the box of biscuits. I thought the biscuits complemented my sketch rather well. It's probably still there. We left it to fend for itself - apparently Munch used to leave his painting outside in the winter to see if they could look after themselves.
trees in oil pastel

Before leaving it I scribbled on the back this website and address and the follwing message: "If you like this, take it, and maybe give something to charity." Well, something might happen....

restaurant picture



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