Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Dutch landscape in oils - in the style of Roos Schuring

Posted On: Sunday 5th January 2014
Summary: This is small plein air oil sketch of a Dutch landscape

Blog Tags: Landscape painting   Oil painting   Pochade painting   Plein air   Reflections in water   Painting rivers   Painting water   

dutch landscapeThis small oil sketch was started plein air 18 months ago somewhere in Holland - so the best I can describe it as is "Dutch landscape."

Just in case Roos should see this (unlikely I know) I should explain I had the pleasure of painting on the beach with her on this trip to the Netherlands, and this is my very poor "hommage" to her fluent and impeccable judgement of value and hue. Head over here  if you would like to see  the real thing!

I finished this off - if this can be called "finished" in any sense, in the studio this evening as a break from my usual pastels. I've got a sort of "block" at the moment, so hopefully a switch of medium for an hour will change things.



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