Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Quick portraits in pastel and conte crayon

Posted On: Sunday 8th December 2013
Summary: Seven quick portraits of children done in quick succession using pastels and conte crayon

Blog Tags: Sketching   People   People in paintings   Quick painting   

This afternoon I spent a happy couple of hours working with members of my local church doing a pre-Christmas craft fair on the new housing estate. I set up an easel and in no time at all had a queue of kids who wanted their portraits done. Children are forgiving subjects, but difficult to sketch I find - partly because they tend to move around, and partly because children's faces are less "formed" than those of adults and their facial features are softer. I did seven in an hour and a half - some better than others.

I reproduce a few here. I have had to blur some parts of the images in order to respect the wishes of parents, but you'll get the general idea.

portrait in pastelsboy portriait pastels
girl portrait in pastels and conte



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