Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Rome - interior

Posted On: Monday 27th May 2013
Summary: Pencil and ink from the hotel room

Blog Tags: People   Mixed media   Composition   People in paintings   Pen and ink   Painting in Italy   

pencil interior in rome There is a rather well known painter I have in mind whose paintings of nudes inside a room with a window behind are commonly called "Interior ........ followed by the name of some Italian city. But to be frank I've always wondered what the point of the title is since there is no way of telling that it is located in that, or any other particularly exotic or interesting city. Except of course that "Interior, Rome" sounds so much more appealing than "Interior - Kirkby, Liverpool" for example.

Anyway, I WAS in Rome, and I WAS in a hotel room, and I WAS awake, and my wife WAS asleep in bed, so I had to place tongue firmly in cheek and make my ever so modest contribution to the genre!


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