Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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The view from Castle Hill, Breamore, New Forest, sketched in pastels

Posted On: Saturday 13th April 2013
Summary: This is a view over the river Avon at Castle Hill near Breamore in the New Forest, UK. Sketched quickly using hard pastels

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breamore pastel sketchI was out for a walk with the family to this viewpoint from Castle Hill, Breamore, New Forest. I try and carry at least some small sketching equipment with me if at all possible, and on this occasion my shoulder bag containedt:
  1. Small tin of carre (hard) pastels
  2. Several pastel pencils including black
  3. A very small spray bottle of fixer (I pour it in from a bigger bottle)
  4. An A4 pastel paper sketch pad
  5. Binoculars (the most interesting birds allways appear when you have forgotten them)
  6. Damp facecloth to clean my hands (I never forget this one if I'm using pastels)
We paused for breath at this viewpoint, and my companions quickly got bored of waiting for me and announced they would see me back at the cottage. This gave me the perfect excuse to finish this sketch and dive into the woods. Heard a woodpecker drumming and got perfect view of a Nuthatch.

A bit of everything. Perfect!



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