Friday, February 23, 2018

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Breamore Hall in charcoal and pastels

Posted On: Thursday 11th April 2013
Summary: Breamore Hall in the New Forest which is an imposing Elizabethan House which is drawn here in pastels and charcoal pencil

Blog Tags: Plein air   Pastels painting   Buildings   Charcoal   

bramore hall in charcoalBreamore Hall is an Elizabethan House of monumental proportions, and I wanted to focus here on the massive scale of the building. I sat on the grass and enjoyed the sheer pleasure of sketching a building - and nothing else.

Subconsciously I have compensated for the converging verticals you typically get when photographing a large building close up. I have the verticals diverging slightly which I think emphasises the bulk of the upper floors and massive chimneys.



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