Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Watercolour sketch of hibiscus flowers

Posted On: Sunday 3rd April 2011
Summary: In contrast to the oil paintings I am working on right now, here is a little watercolour sketch from a very old sketch book I re-discovered a few days ago - dating back more than 20 years, from a family holiday in Lanzarote if I remember.

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Hibiscus flowerThis small watercolour sketch gives me a lot o pleasure because if was probably done in just a few minutes on the verandah we were staying in in Lanzarote. I was probably waiting for a meal to arrive or some such thing. I would often - and still do - use spare moments to sketch something that is to hand.

Of course these hibiscus flowers were beauriful and without any arrangement made a pleasing still life. It was just a matter of composing as simple and pleasing arrangement on the paper. Getting the shapes of the flowers right first time was important, and sometimes it doesn't come off. In a case like this, being fussy just spoils the flow and sponteneity which is the essence of a sketch. So you just have to go for it.  I can tell you now, there are other sketches in the same little sketchbook that didn't work, the that's OK; that's the price you pay for producing the quick sketch that does work out well.

You can easily see here that I only needed three colours: red, blue and yellow for the leaves, and red darkened with the other two colours for the shadows on the flowers.

Perhaps it's worth pointing out the care I took to paint the shadow on the front flower on either side of the style (thank you, horticulturalist wife!) rather than painting it directly. 


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