Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Snow and sun at Fen Drayton Lakes, painted plein air with pastels

Posted On: Sunday 27th January 2013
Summary: A dramatic scene of snow and water looking directly into the source of light. Painted plein air in pastels. An interesting zig-zag composition.

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snow and pastels plein air fen draytonToday the snow has all gone - a rapid thaw took place overnight. But yesterday it was different and the snow was glistening in the sun

A good opportunity to paint plein air pastels in a favourite location of mine, Fen Drayton Lakes. It's a low lying conservation area with shallow lakes, woodland, lots of birds, and drainage channels, one of which is the subject of this pastel. It's 13"x19" on watercolour paper which had received a brushed on layer of fine abrasive (Art Spectrum Colourfix fine tooth clear pastel and multimedia primer) . Works really well as pastel paper and allowed me to use the white of the paper for the snow.

Another zig-zag composition like yesterday's post, leading up to a very small detail - two birds in the far distance.



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