Friday, February 23, 2018

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Piazza Mazzini, Lecce, Italy, painted in pastels

Posted On: Friday 2nd November 2012
Summary: This is the last of my Piazza paintings in pastels from Italy in 2012. This one in the heart of the beautiful Lecce

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piazza mazzini how to paint in pastelsBreakfast would arrive at our hotel room door at 8am, so here I dashed out beforehand to do a quick pastel in the local Piazza Mazzini in Lecce while the sun was still young and the streets were quiet. I sat on a handy stone bench to do this.

Annoyingly I used the "wrong" side of the paper (as far as my preferences are concerned) and didn't notice til it was too late. You can see the hit and miss speckled effect. I don't like it. It's too obvious, and affects every part of the painting unless you rub the pastel right into the grain - another technique I don't like unless used very judicially.



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