Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Piazza Umberto I, Uggiano, Puglia, Italy, painted in pastels

Posted On: Wednesday 31st October 2012
Summary: Uggiano is another small Puglian town with typical Italian style and colour. This was painted in pastels over siesta time while everything was rather quiet

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piazza in Uggiano italy in pastelsGetting towards the end of my series of pastels of italian piazzas. Piazza UmbertoI in Uggiano has a lovely sense of space and proportion. A lived in, human-scaled place. One could imagine this place being the hub of the town's social and religious activities for many centuries. And here am I, a passer-by, thinking he can capture all of that in a moment with a cake and coffee and some pastels.

It can't be done, but I have located on a piece of paper some small sense of those qualities to my own satisfaction anyway. Out of curiosity, since returning home, I have sought out this viewpoint in Google street view. And sure enough, there it is, in detail. But it looks flat and dull compared with my pastel. I believe that the artist's eye somehow conveys those things that a mere snap cannot do. When I look at the painting I remember all sorts of small emotions as I painted, and it's beyond what technique alone can accomplish. I wish I could explain this better.

13"x19" soft pastels on Canson paper


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