Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Pastel painted from Observation Hill near Coventry

Posted On: Thursday 27th September 2012
Summary: This is a large pastel painted on the top of a hill near Coventry and features sheep and an evening sky

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rowan tree in pastelsThis Rowan tree on a hill that's called the observation post, was planted as a memorial. It's remembered as a place where German bombers flew low overhead during the Second World War on their way to bomb the heart out of Coventry not many miles away. The historic core of Coventry was shattered - as indeed was the heart of historic Dresden by Allied bombing raids in return.

All is very quiet now, and here I painted a large pastel (26"x18") of the lone Rowan tree, with sheep making their way down to the lower field for the night. Well, I thought it was very quiet until a large flock of youngsters with their parents came tramping up the road on a treasure hunt, and curious to find an artist with his easel in the middle of the lane.


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