Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Ploughing near Preston Capes - sketched in pastels

Posted On: Wednesday 26th September 2012
Summary: This is a plein air pastel painted on location at Preston Capes, showing a tractor ploughed on a hillside in late summer

Blog Tags: Landscape painting   Outdoor painting   Plein air   Pastels painting   

housman pastel painting landscape ploughingThis pastel is about 13"x9" and done just outside a small village near Canons Ashby called Preston Capes. What a name! Only in England.

What interested me was the red tractor ploughing in the distance, with gulls wheeling around the turned-up earth. It's only a speck, but without it the composition would have been empty.

For some reason the look of the landscape reminded me of a poem by AE Housman called "Is my Team Ploughing", once set to music by Vaughan Williams (I have it on an old LP). And when I looked Housman up on good old Wikipaedia I found he was born in Bromsgrove - less than 40 miles away from this location. Spooky...


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