Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Charcoal sketch Fairhaven Singers practice in St John's College Chapel - 4

Posted On: Tuesday 29th March 2011
Summary: This is a recent charcoal sketch on newsprint paper done at a practice session of the Fairhaven Singers in St. John's College Chapel, Cambridge. This took about ten minutes to do. Dame Emma Kirkby was the featured soloist

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Bass at Fairhaven Singers practiceI'm still trickling out my sketches of the Fairhaven Choir practice from a couple of weeks ago. I managed to do 7 in the space of an hour and a half. Charcoal is amazing. I seem to remember being given a piece of charcoal to draw with at school 45 (ahem!) years ago and thinking at the time what kind of joke was this. School has a lot to answer for! Still!

And now I love charcoal. The thing is this - what medium is so versatile - lines, smudges, dark and pale, take anywhere? And best of all you very quickly forget what you are drawing with and get absorbed with what you are drawing. So this would be my  desert island luxury. No it wouldn't. A full set of oil painting gear would be the luxury and I would make the charcoal myself!

I like the bass in the foreground - but I sense I got into trouble with the player by saying to her that I admired her 'cello. Later I ventured that the band she was playing in was very good in my view - I don't think it improved the vibe though...


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