Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Sketches from the Niger Delta 2 - charcoal on paper - football

Posted On: Monday 6th August 2012
Summary: This charcoal sketch shows a bunch of lads playing football by the river in Enekorogha in the Niger Delta

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charcoal of boys playing football in the Niger DeltaIn the village of Enekorogha in the Niger Delta, we stayed in the bungalow in the picture - probably the nicest house in the village. Apparently it was built by a local lad made good in the city  as a rap singer. This house is right at the top end of the "housing market " in the Delta! Nonetheless, pretty basic  - no running water, only what you gather off the roof in a tank - very dodgy electrics and of course billions of sandflies and mossies. Having said that, the monsoon is in my bview infinitely preferable to the stifling heat of the drier sunnier times of the year. 

While David was finishing up with one of his sessions teaching a group of senior health workers how to become teachers themselves I walked over to the river and sketched this in charcoal pencil.


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