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Fairhaven Singers practice St John's College Chapel -1

Posted On: Monday 21st March 2011
Summary: On Saturday I sketched Fairhaven Singers practising for their evening concert in St John's College Chapel. Over the next few days I will post my charcoal sketches

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Fairhaven ChoirHere's a photo I took to give you a flavour of the scene. Of course for the evening concert they were all suited and booted, and I knew there would be little opportunity for me to paint or sketch at the event itself. But for the practice I had permission to roam around as I wished, and the result is a series of sketches at very varied angle and distances. This first sketch is from down the aisle, with the sound of the choir and orchestra reverberating round the building. You can get more information about the Fairhaven Singers on this link

All these sketches are 20"x14" Charcoal on newsprint paper.
The light was streaming through the windows on the right hand side so I was careful to make the mullions on the right much darker to emphasise the contrast between light and shade; and careful to let the wall at the rear on the left look like it was having the soft light from the windows  falling on it. 

St. John's College Chapel Cambridge


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