Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Monocrome sketch before the London Marathon at Putney station

Posted On: Tuesday 1st May 2012
Summary: Continuing choice of medium for yesterday's blog, here again this sketch at Putney station in London is on grey paper using line, white grey and black neocolour pastels

Blog Tags: Sketching   Painting in London   Townscapes   People   Composition   Industrial buildings   Quick painting   How to sketch   

putney station sketchThis sketch took just a few minutes while waiting at Putney station in London for the train to arrive. We were on our way to watch the London 2012 Marathon. Again, sketching on grey paper, plus a few monocrome crayons allows you to achieve a fair range of values very quickly.

Why neocolour pastels? Well, they're a lot less messy than normal soft pastels, especially if you are carrying them loose in your pocket as I usually do.

This viewpoint appears in a Youtube video I shot about tracking the day at the marathon. It's not about art but your may find it interesting


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