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Strand on the Green, London - pen and neocolor pencil

Posted On: Wednesday 18th April 2012
Summary: Sketched in pen a neocolor pencil outside the Bull's Head pub on the banks of the River Thames in London

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Bulls Head Strand on the GreenI'm on day 2 of a five day painting visit to London. The weather is atrocious! Now and again the sun has broken through for a minute or two but most of the time it has either rained or threatened to rain. When is has actually rained I've generally found a bridge or bus stop to shelter under. And sometimes - like in this sketch I have had a pub to hand to dive into and console myself with a whisky.

All of which is not enough to stop me painting. I'll post a few sketches first. This is in my moleskine pad, which I have primed with a mid-grey coat of acrylic. This is quite a useful idea for speed sketching. I'm carrying a white neocolor pencil (a crayon really), a black and a couple of grey shades. And a fineliner black pen. With a piece of paper that is already grey it's quick and easy to draw in highlights - such as the white render on the pub walls here - and go the opposite direction to put in the darks. The mid-tones are already there in the form of the grey-primed paper. (4"x6")



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