Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Painting with oils in the snow - now with falling hoar frost added!

Posted On: Saturday 17th March 2012
Summary: This is a clip from my forthcoming video, "how to paint snow with oils" in which I do several demonstrations. It was started in February at a location I rather like, Byron's pool, Trumpington, Cambridge. To finish I've added hoar frost falling from nearby trees.

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how to paint in the snow with hoar frostI decided to add snow. Well, it's not really snow (it doesn't usually snow when the sun is out!) - in fact it's a continual shower of hoar frost falling off the nearby trees.

In the video demonstration you will see later I, and my palette, were getting covered in this falling hoar frost as I painted. Quite beautiful.

It raisesthe question whether the painting looks authentic or not, because this combination of snow and sun at the same time is very unusual. Never mind. It happened!


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