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Pastel sketches at the David Hockney

Posted On: Sunday 11th March 2012
Summary: Sitting in front of some large canvases by Hockney of a lane in the countryside painted at different times of the year, I sketched four of them using soft pastels.

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pastels at the royal academyYesterday I visited the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. Towards the end it got exhausting - there were so many paintings, many of them digitally produced with an iPad.

I took a break and sat down to sketch out in pastels four of his large-ish paintings ("large" is a relative terms when it comes to this exhibition - many of his paintings were MASSIVE!) of a country lane at different times of the year.

I recommend doing this for your own learning. It's one thing to look at artists' work - but often new insights and understanding emerges when you do tiny sketches of the artist's work. In this case I didn't learn anything about Hockney's painting process, but I did become aware of how keenly he must have observed the scene in different lighting and seasonal conditions.

Anyone interested in landscape painting must go to this exhibition.


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