Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Oil study of Clare College Gates from the Backs in Cambridge

Posted On: Monday 27th February 2012
Summary: A small oil study of Clare College gates in Cambridge painted quickly in about an hour.

Blog Tags: Oil painting   Outdoor painting   Pochade painting   Plein air   Painting in Cambridge   Townscapes   Buildings   Cambridge Art Academy   Quick painting   

clare college gates cambridge art academyI just love to paint quickly, and at this meeting with other artists in Cambridge I set myself a target of painting with as many mediums as I could over the course of the day. The video of the meeting is on the news page. Later on I get to an oil pastels, and finished with gouache with oil pastel.

I started an oil sketch earlier on but we were moved on by the College Baliffs - spoil sports! We moved to the public area on the backs where there's a good subject  if you like architecture - Clare College gates.


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