Friday, February 23, 2018

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Cartoon sketch - meeting got a bit boring

Posted On: Monday 14th March 2011
Summary: I did this sketch on the touch screen of my Tablet PC whilst I was taking notes with the stylus.

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GeoffGeoff taking minutes of meeting
My mind was wandering in this meeting a bit, and invitably this means I start doodling – in this case the friend of mine who was running the meeting. I was making my own notes using my tablet PC and it's really quite a good tool for sketching when you are using the stylus. Of course you have to know Geoff to say whether the sketch works or not, but I don’t think it’s too far off. Now, what was that meeting about? ...…

Lots of computers have built in sketching software - often it's very good. And if you have a tablet or a laptop, it can be a useful way of sketching. I've been tempted several times to get an iPad for this very reason, but they're a bit expensive and also I doubt whether the screen will be bery bright if you use it outside. But the technology is improving all the time. A Kindle with the ability to draw on the screen - now that would be perfect.


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