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Pastel drawing at sunset on the lake at Denny Abbey

Posted On: Monday 20th February 2012
Summary: The urge to use draw with pastels on location descending on me yesterday, and this is the result, on a lake location at Denny Abbey near Cambridge UK, and the sun setting.

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pastel painting of lake and sunsetPastels aren't the best medium for painting outside on the whole. A total disaster if it's raining (not the case with oil painting), and you need to be able to lay out a large number of pastels sticks, unless you are sure in advance which colours you will need.

However, the urge struck to paint outdoors with pastels, so off I went late yesterday afternoon. I like this little lake which is on a commercial estate, deserted on the weekends, and there are always plenty of birds around. I hope it looks like February weather, because it certainly felt like it. My hand were numb by the time I'd finished, even with gloves on. 

Pastel on grey paper 18"x12"



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