Friday, February 23, 2018

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Mixed media sketch of cottages in Horningsea - Cambridge UK

Posted On: Monday 23rd January 2012
Summary: A variety of mediums were used to do this sketch of cottages in Horningsea near Cambridge

Blog Tags: Sketching   Painting in Cambridge   Pastels painting   Buildings   Mixed media   Simple art   Painting trees   Painting in the rain   Pencil   Painting tips   

horningsea sketch in pastels pen and oil pastelsThis narrow lane in Horningsea leads down to the River Cam. It was raining so I did this from the pickup. Starting with pen and lumocolour water-soluble crayons I added a little colour with watercolour pencils. Back in the studio I added further colour with a mixure of pastels  and oil pastels.

Actually, more interestingly, a blackbird was rooting around on the ground just outside the window of the pickup and I spent an equal amount of time sketching elements of the bird as it scurried about.


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