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Watercolour pencil sketch of a Woodpigeon

Posted On: Monday 9th January 2012
Summary: A sketch on location of a woodpigeon high in a tree, drawn with pencil and watercolour pencils.

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sketch of a woodpigeonI said I'm going to work on my bird painting in 2012, and this is my January start - a woodpigeon in a tree. It must have been cold up there because he had his head tucked well down. I hand-held my little pair of Trinovids as steady as possible, and the bird kindly didn't move much. But I watched and waited until his beak appeared for a moment. 

The pale breast feathers had a distinctly rosy tinge and the back a hint of blue in the grey. The head was also grey but a little darker.

I did this mostly with a soft pencil and then added delicate colour with watercolour pencils. As you can see I did not use any water - just shaded the colour with the pencils held at about 45 degrees.

Winter is a good time to paint birds in trees because with no leaves they are easy to see.


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