Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Pine trees painted in oil in Elvedon Forest discovered whilst out cycling

Posted On: Tuesday 3rd January 2012
Summary: I can carry all I need to paint in oils even if I'm on a bike. This is a pochade painting of pine trees while out cycling in Elevedon Forest, East of England in the UK

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oil painting pine treesThe weather was dull and overcast when I was out cycling at Elevedon Forest - carrying my pochade oil painting equipment in a shoulder bag. So I was looking for a subject where the interest lay in line and shape rather than any special lighting effect. And this group of pine trees just fitted the bill.

It was cold and I regretted not having squeezed out paint onto my pochade palette in advance. Never mind. I had about 45 minutes of painting on location, which I finished off later in the studio.

 A technique I employed here was painting the main group of branches and foliage very broadly in dark thin paint, and then cutting back into it with a pale sky colour to create sharp edges. I go into this in more detail in this video

pine trees detail


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