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Sketching session at Welney bird and wildlife Reserve in Cambridgeshire

Posted On: Thursday 3rd November 2011
Summary: Most of this day at Welney bird Reserve was spend in lectures, but I had time to get a few very short sketches done at the lunch break.

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welney paintings sketchesI was at the Welney Wildlife and bird Reserve to hear several well known UK photographers talk about their work.

At lunchtime however there was time for me to get out and do a couple of sketches. The first one was started using several grey spirit-based markers and completed with  black pen.

photographers at Welney
The second used the same materials, but for a very different type of subject. Other people in the "hide" were enthusiastically pointing their hardware at a peregrine falcon which apparently (I had no binoculars with me) was devouring some smaller and weaker bird - what exactly it was being the main topic of conversation. 

birds at Welney sketch You don't need binoculars to paint birds "live", as long as they are not the main subject of the painting or sketch - as here. I like the way there was a small ramp on this little island that the birds were using to stand and to launch into the water from, Although the birds are a small featurem they are important to the overall composition - in fact without them it would be quite uninteresting.

If you'd like to see the tips I picked up from the speakers at the presentations during the day, click here.
And the short video I shot as well on the day can be viewed here.


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