Sunday, February 25, 2018

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View of Falmouth estuary from Lamorran House Garden, painted in oil

Posted On: Friday 15th July 2011
Summary: Painted in oil on board from the shelter of an old gazebo in the garden of Lamorran House, the weather and light over the Falmouth Estuary was constantly changing. Sometimes disappearing into rain and mist, then re-appearing in sunlight from the low clouds

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Lamorran house garden oil painting on boardThis was painted in oil on board 10" x 12" using my pochade box. It was raining some of the time so my vantage point from a high veranda under the cover of a gazebo was very useful. These gardens cascade down the hillside and because of the sheltered location on the Cornwall peninisula, there are a wide variety of semi-tropcial trees and shrubs. 

But it was this view that caught my eye - the far view over the Falmouth estuary framed by angular pine trees. I had an hour or so to do this and I was really pleased with the shaped and composition. For me as a painter, a lot hangs on the composition. If that works, I can feel energy going into the painting, and that in turn motivates and encourages me to press on and make the painting work well.


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