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Sketch portraits at Chesterton Festival, Cambridge

Posted On: Friday 1st July 2011
Summary: Last Saturday I had a Charity stand at the Chesterton Festival, offering to do free sketch portraits for anyone who wanted one. This video records the fun

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Why does it always seem to be windy when I am out painting? Maybe it's just one of those windy years in East Anglia. I had to improvise guy ropes and pegs to stop everything - including my easel - from blowing over.

Anyway, I enjoyed doing sketch portraits of children at this year's Chesterton Festival in Cambridge. The younger kids of course don't know how to sit still so it was really difficult to get a likeness. Over the course of the afternoon I probably did more than 20 sketches.

A brother and sister who I was trying to do a joint portrait of spent most of their time fighting each other, so the best I could do was put in the colour of their tops with pastel so their parents would know who was who! I was a bit embarrassed to be honest, but they were pleased, so everyone was happy, and a few pounds were collected for "Hope into Action" a local church-based housing charity here in Cambridge.



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