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Why you should follow Turner's example and distort the scene you paint - a view of Florence

In this article Noel compares a watercolour painting of Florence by Turner with a one of his own done twenty years ago, and an up to date photograph from the same viewpoint.
Posted: Thursday 29th December 2011

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turner florenceTurner painted a beautiful watercolour overlooking  Florence with the River Arno in the foreground in 1848. It's easy to make a comparison with the view today because it is safe to say the river follows the same course as it did 200 years ago. Also notable architectural features - such as the Duomo - make a positive
location for his painting an easy exercise.

When I visited Florence in 1992, I headed for the same place with the express aim of painting the view from  the same position where Turner must have stood. I used watercolour too, and this is how my painting turned out: ....

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